Intelligence Analysis Operations and Professional Service and Support

B3 has taken on the challenge to become a industry leader in intelligence Analysis and operations and Professional Service Support. We will achieve this goal by using the most qualified and credentialed personnel available, coupled with the latest technologies, applications, engineering solutions, and science to solve our customers’ most demanding challenges. We will deliver innovative solutions through the efforts of our diverse and talented people who are dedicated to our customers’ success. We will empower our teams, contribute to our communities, and operate sustainably.

Intelligence Analysis

Geospatial Analysis

Our geospatial analysts integrate knowledge of imagery and geospatial analysis to maintain a complete and accurate geospatial data solution. They use commercial tools to provide data visualization, modeling, and comparative analysis; addressing complex military and intelligence problems.

Imagery Analysis

Our imagery analysts analyze and exploit imagery from multiple sources. They are on the  leading edge of the structured observation initiative, performing database maintenance to ensure that their findings are easily searchable.

Full Motion Video Analysis

Our full-motion video (FMV) analysts propagate key information discovered during imageryexploitation by disseminating it in summary reports, detailed mission graphics, database remarks and daily briefings.


Our cartographers work on geospatial data requirements, sources, standards, and products.

Regional Analysis/Human Geography

Our human geographers research, evaluate, and geospatially enable human terrain foundation data for

Collection Managers

Our collection managers master all capabilities, and follow all business processes, of the GEOINT

Imagery Scientists

Our imagery scientists utilize knowledge of imaging systems, phenomenology and processing techniques

Intelligence Analysis

Our intelligence analysts provide thorough research and analysis services to enhance time-dominant

Data Scientist

Our data scientists have knowledge in applied mathematics, programming, and data presentation.

Multimedia Services

Our multi-media specialists provide dynamic interactive presentations to support geospatial

Professional Services

Corporate Communications

Our corporate communications staff develops and implements internal and external communications.They research, write, edit, and publish communications products (e.g., print, web, electronic, briefings). They provide direction to graphic designers, briefing developers, photographers, illustrators and other required staff.

GEOINT Technical Support

Our GEOINT technical specialists perform research, contribute to the preparation of analytical and technical reports and publications, prepare graphics.They create and maintain databases, summary data, spreadsheets, graphic documents, and maintain web sites. They utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to extract and/or access geospatial information, derivative information and multi-intelligence data.

Information Assurance

Our information assurance specialists develop security architectures and engineering system specifications. They advise and assist on security and privacy policy, enterprise security engineering, penetration and exploitation, insider threat analysis and protection, cyber situation awareness, and attack sensing and warning.

Technical Training

Our technical trainers provide support to implementation of technical training courses. They create, test, and review new and existing courseware. They use Instructional System Design, adult learning methods, activity-based learning events, and on-line real-time collaboration tools to conducts training courses.

IT Web & Multimedia Support

Our IT web & multimedia specialists develop content and maintain associated systems for internal and/or external web sites. They design and build web pages using a variety of graphics software applications, techniques, and tools. They are proficient with web publishing software and protocols, relational databases and CGI scripting.

Office Management/Staff Officer

Our staff officers provide general or specialized administrative support. They schedule and coordinate meetings, calendars, and events; research and analyze information and data to prepare reports, presentations, and papers; and maintain office supplies, and coordinate office moves.

Planning, Policy, and Business Analytics

Our planning, policy, and business analysts advise and assist with strategic planning.They perform trade studies and assess trades between functionality and security risk management; develop process improvement recommendations and facilitate quality improvement efforts; formulate internal and/or external policy; and provide assessment and recommendations of new policy or changes.

Process Improvement

Our process improvement engineers apply process improvement, reengineering methodologies, and best practice principles to design and implement process modernization and improvements. They perform analyses, evaluations, and assessments leading to recommendations for process improvements.

Program/Project Management

Our program managers perform day-to-day management of overall contract support operations or delivery order projects. They develop plans, schedules, and resource estimates using established project management standards. They possess experience in federal programs and are credentialed through the Program Management Institute (PMI PMP).

Cyber Security

Our intrusion detection and SIEM audit analysts provide 24x7x365 event monitoring, event investigating, and support the activities and equipment needed to safeguard customer computer infrastructure in multiple locations. Our risk management experts apply pertinent directives to perform the risk tradeoff analysis to implement the policies, processes, and standards to recommend risk acceptance authorization for complex systems. Our security control assessment specialists perform assessments & authorizations scanning, comprehensive testing, penetration testing, reporting and analysis requirements.