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Executive Staff Officer

Professional Services

Job Description

B-3 Consulting is seeking an Executive/Staff Officer to join our team. The candidate will independently perform a wide range of functions and tasks, which require vision, leadership, and proficiency in developing, explaining and implementing policy. The skill of problem identification, analysis, and resolution is central to the effective conduct of their activities as is the ability to work from an Agency perspective. Provides general or specialized administrative support to Agency offices and programs. They develop pertinent information and communicate it to varied audiences (e.g. Agency, DoD, IC, Federal Government, Congress, the media, the public, the international community, and private industry) in a timely and appropriate manner. May provide other administrative duties listed ( scheduling and coordinating meetings, calendars, and events; gathering, inputting, and retrieving electronic data; maintaining files and folders; researching and analyzing information and data to prepare reports, presentations, and papers; prepares routine correspondence in accordance with Agency standards; prepares and distributes Briefing and Read Ahead materials; maintaining office supplies, initiating equipment trouble tickets or replacement, and coordinating office moves), but would be less than 40% of their time.

Required Skill


Experience and can demonstrate competency performing general staff officer duties with general supervision. Experience in gathering information to synthesize functional needs. Ability to support studies and assessments. May serve as central administrative POC and coordinates administrative activities ensuring schedules and outcomes are achieved. Able to extract and synthesize complex information to prepare Briefing, Read Ahead and other materials. Comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Office Applications and ability to independently develop material using these applications. Additional skills include the following: briefing skills, project management, strategic planning, organizational skills, and resource management. Active TS/SCI clearance. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience within the related field.


Desired Skills: IC Agency experience.

Full Motion Video Analyst

Job Description

B-3 Consulting is hiring TS SCI Full Motion Video (FMV) analysts to provide direct intelligence support to the Global War on Terror.

Candidates must agree to go through a Full Scope Poly within 1 year.
Candidates will be part of a high profile team embedded in a multi-intelligence fusion watch floor environment, working a 24/7 rotating shift schedule (shift premium provided).
FMV Analysts will exploit FMV collected by sensors on ISR platforms, apply HUMINT and SIGINT information to FMV imagery analysis, and exploit NTM imagery using softcopy exploitation tools. Imagery-derived products and reports are created by the FMV Analysts and published for distribution.
Candidates will also need to compile intelligence materials for use in briefings to high-level government personnel.


Required Skills:

Minimum of 3 years experience in FMV/Imagery exploitation.
SmartTrack, Falcon View, IEC and background in FMV CT Analysis.
Government FMV exploitation training a plus.

Required Software: MAAS, NES, RemoteView, MS Office

Functional: Excellent analytical writing and briefing skills. Must be capable of typing 32 WPM.

Required Education: High School Diploma; Attended a basic intelligence course (Certified IMINT, All-Source, SIGINT or HUMINT analyst).

Required Clearance: Active TS SCI

Geospatial Analyst

B-3 Consulting is seeking a Journeyman level Geospatial Analyst to join our team.  

The Geospatial Analyst will be responsible for:


Extracting and/or acquiring geospatial information, derivative information and multi-INT data for analysis, visualization, and modeling to solve problems and enhance the GEOINT knowledge of mission-specific intelligence issues. This also includes extracting specific mission-related feature data in accordance with NGA data and product specifications and with respect to non-standard product requirements.  These services include, but are not limited to:

• Provide for extracting and/or acquiring geospatial information, derivative information and multi-INT data for analysis and visualization.  Includes extracting specific feature data in accordance with NGA data and product specifications and with respect to non-standard product requirements

• Include the extraction of Feature Data using NTM; Mapping, Charting & Geodesy (MC&G) Stereo Imagery; Digital Point Positioning Database (DPPDB) or Ortho-rectified Mono Equivalent [Precise Terrain and Ortho Product (PTOP); Mr. Sid Ortho-rectified Geotiffs (MSOG); Precise Ortho-rectified Image Datasets (POID); and Controlled Image Base® (CIB®)]

• Assist in developing and implementing a metadata catalog based on NGA standards

• Assist in establishing and managing geospatial analysis research and production, as well as the strategies and processes to achieve the goal of analyzing the logistics and security associated with mission-specific issues

• Create, update, and manage geospatial information system databases and products

• Assist in identifying, compiling and assessing geospatial and imagery data sets to support requirements

• Perform network and infrastructure analysis for all aspects of geographic routes to include electric power networks, transportation networks, communications networks, and security forces and perform quality control on created analytical products

• Collaborate with analysts, partners, and customers as required. Written analytical intelligence reports, graphics, and briefings are required to communicate the analysis rendered. The Contractor will be required to use a multi-INT approach towards finding, cataloging, and assessing mission-related facilities

• Utilize expertise in geospatial analysis to produce GEOINT in support of locating, compiling, characterizing, and monitoring mission-specific facilities, logistics, and route studies associated with those facilities

• Perform geospatial analysis and present results in the form of datasets, visualization, and models for inclusion in a standard and formalized NGA intelligence analysis products, such as GN’s, Cables, and NIBs that result in the authorship of 6-9 standard, coordinated NGA intelligence reports per year.  The analyst should produce at least 20-25 standard, non-coordinated NGA products per year, predominantly NES remarks/baseline reports and/or ad-hoc requests for information in accordance with the NSG Directive 2-1 Exploitation and Reporting Structure (EARS-2) reporting guidance. At an intermediate-to-expert level of mastery, use a variety of geospatial analysis software suites to accomplish the mission. In general, NGA uses ESRI, ArcGIS, Socet Set, and Socet for ArcGIS software. NGA specified digital data formats will be used which may include: commercial imagery, panchromatic data, spectral data, and SAR/OPIR data.  At an intermediate-to-expert level of mastery, knowledge of programming in Visual Basic and experience working with GIS and photogrammetry 

• Perform Geospatial Analysis in the Integrated Analytic Environment consistent with the Structured Observation Management initiative  (e.g., participation as a user on SCRUM team in AGILE sprints)

Required Skill

Minimum Education and Experience:

HS Degree and 5 years work experience (A Bachelor's related to the support services may count for up to 4 years of this experience)


Required Skills and Education:


Knowledge and experience with digital cartography, image processing, computer technology, geographical information systems (GIS), geospatial production techniques, remote sensing, and photogrammetry.


Knowledge of and experience with ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcView, ArcIMS, ArcTools, the Integrated Exploitation Capability (IEC) system, SocetSet, terraExplorer/Builder, RemoteView, ERDAS IMAGINE, MRSID, VB/VBA (or some other object oriented programming/scripting language), Oracle and other appropriate software to analyze geospatial data.


Must have the capability to read and understand the intelligence issues, military affairs, and use GIS to develop Geospatial-Intelligence reports and products to solve problems


Expertise in photogrammetry, remote sensing, image processing, or regional expertise is also desirable


Demonstrated knowledge of commercial imagery products, processes, and sensors



Imagery Analyst Instructor

Professional Services

Job Description

Delivers in-resident and distance learning instructional programs in accordance with course requirements.  Uses instructional methods such as guided discussions, lectures, demonstrations, small group exercises, seminars, workshops, and laboratories. Uses Instructional technology, including but not limited to Blackboard. Conducts assessment strategy in accordance with the course design, including instructor observation, testing, and grading.

Provides formal and informal student feedback. Provides subject matter expertise throughout the curriculum creation process, including content review and feedback to development staff. Relevant instructional experience includes, but is not limited to, experience developing and delivering technical training and educational courses in academic, commercial, government, or industrial organizations. Relevant subject matter expertise (SME) experience includes, but is not limited to, experience in the technical field as described below. 

Required Skill

Minimum Education and Experience:
6 years work experience or equivalent experience related to the required skills section 

Required Skills and Education:
Minimum Teaching Experience:
2 years' relevant experience as an on-podium trainer/instructor for class sizes up to 20 personnel

Minimum SME Experience: 6 years' relevant experience

Demonstrated knowledge of the national imagery exploitation processes, policies, and production cycles.

Proven experience with the most recent versions of various imagery electronic light tables (ELT’s) such as: Remoteview, Socet GXP, QT Modeler and Omar.

Possess an understanding of multiple imagery software systems, e.g. Integrated Exploitation Capability (IEC), Super Buffer Check (SBC), and Cedallion.

Working knowledge of a variety of imagery research databases including: NGA Softcopy Keys, National Production Workspace (NPW), Net-Centric Geospatial-Intelligence Discovery Services (NGDS) and various others.

Possess excellent writing and briefing skills as it relates to the communication of GEOINT.

Demonstrate a  fundamental knowledge of the principles and applications of geographic information systems, digital image processing systems, collections, and sensor phenomenology.

Documented experience in multiple military- or intelligence-related identification and analysis work areas. 

Provide systems and data checkout, classroom set up, material handling, and other administrative support
Demonstrate working knowledge of the principle of guided exercises.

Proven working knowledge of the principles of learning styles, student feedback, and immediacy behaviors affect student satisfaction.

Working knowledge of multiple communication strategies and student-center environment.

Proven working knowledge of agencies within the IC and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Proven working knowledge of Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (TCPED). 

Proven excellent writing and briefing skills including command of grammar and business communications style, i.e. the ability to convey ideas clearly and concisely.

Knowledge of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) as well as knowledge in the development and implementation of course materials, and how to make those course materials ISD compliant.

Proven experience with MS Office and associated software tools, e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.  

Preferred Skills and Education:
Experience in creating presentations, briefings, and geospatial products for demonstration purposes and Imagery Analyst knowledge

Experience with the testing, development of curriculum, creating presentation and briefings, and evaluation of new equipment/systems.

Experience with GIS Python Scripting

Knowledge of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) as well as knowledge in the development and implementation of course materials, and how to make those course materials ISD compliant.


Experience with training in a military or Intelligence Community environment. 

Imagery Analyst

Job Description


The candidate shall provide Imagery Analysis services as described below. Perform imagery research and analysis by researching current and historical hard copy and soft copy imagery, which may include researching the National Exploitation System (NES) and other appropriate databases for amplifying information and producing standard imagery analysis products. This effort will require regular collaboration with imagery and geospatial analysts and other intelligence officers.


Provide vulnerability analysis utilizing geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), and open source intelligence (OSINT) to deliver security analysis in support of force protection, anti-terrorism planning, risk assessments, and protective operations overseas. The focal point of the mission is centered on U.S. interest and the ways in which these interests are vulnerable. 


Daily duties include data mining, creating shapefiles, vetting locations, analysis of NTM/Commercial imagery, objective research, graphic creation, GeoPDF production, and the dissemination of assessments to the Intelligence Community. 


Minimum Education and Experience:

Bachelor's Degree and 2 years work experience or equivalent experience 


Required Skills and Education:

High School Diploma/GED with 3 years experience.


Imagery analysis experience in the Intelligence Community at the national level. Attended either the Geospatial Intelligence Training Program or equivalent. Knowledge of soft copy exploitation functionalities. Demonstrated good oral and written communication skills. Knowledge of REMOTE VIEW, IEC, NES, and common office software to include PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, word processing. Knowledge of the intelligence collection process. Knowledgeable of multi-spectral imagery exploitation. Ability to work in a very dynamic and demanding work environment. 

MMS - GIS Data Manager

B-3 Consulting is hiring a Multi-Media Services GIS Data Manager to join our team.

 Multi-Media GIS Data Managers will design and deliver operations research applications (databases, websites, tools, and products) that are geospatially enabled to support a multitude of intelligence issues. The intent is to develop automation to streamline GA and IA processes to improve consistency and quality. Based on intelligence requirements, they develop new geospatial methods and technologies from an operations research framework. They work with graphic cartographers, graphic designers, and ESRI technologies to implement and maintain geographic visualization standards. The Contractor shall provide a full range of support in the production and maintenance of finishing GEOINT services, specifically but not limited to; implementing ESRI Story Maps in a classified environment, implementing visual standards through web map services designed for the creation of the government customer products, working with ESRI Portal technology to develop and maintain map services that implement geographic visualization standards, and facilitating their use in the production of the government customer GEOINT products. These services include but are not limited to:

·        Design, develop; and deliver operations research applications (databases, websites, tools, and products) that are geosnatially enabled to support a multitude of intelligence issues.

·        Utilize advanced programming techniques, using the following: HTML 5/Javascript, ArcObjects, Python, Model Builder, Oracle, SQL, GIScience, Geospatial Analysis, Statistics, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ARC SDE, ArcIMS, SPSS, SAS.

·        Customize ArcGIS templates, Manage ArcGIS Portals, and Customize ESRI StoryMap Templates.

·        Use NET, Python, C++ and/or JAVA programming for web interface development and geodatabase development. 

·        Work on multiple projects with simultaneous deadlines under fast-paced conditions; must be available to perform duties in a multiple-shift environment, as necessary.

·        Work with the government customer in a production support branch assisting in the production and dissemination of finished GEOINT information.

Active TS/SCI Required.


·        Knowledge of requirements identification and solutions that comply with the government customer standards.

·        ADO experience.

·        Experience with web-based application development.

·        Experience working in a mixed Unix and Windows environment.

·        Experience with ESRI products, ArcGIS or ArcObjects.

·        Experience with SMS (remote maintenance).

·        Be experienced with ArcGIS Desktop user skills.


·        A bachelor's degree in a field related to the support services may count for up to four years of this experience.

·        A master's degree in a field related the the support services may count for up to two additional years of experience.

·        Years of Experience 


·        11 - 20 years  

SAR Imagery Scientist


Job Description

B-3 Consulting is looking for a contractor to provide imagery science services in support of GEOINT analysis and advanced phenomenologies. Knowledge of imaging systems, phenomenology, methodologies and processing techniques shall be employed on behalf of GEOINT analysts and community customers while providing operational support. Individual image scientists shall be a specialist in one of five distinct areas depending on mission requirements. Services shall include, but are not limited to:  

·        Provide technical analytical expertise necessary to assist the government customer in support of functional management and oversight for the program

·        Engage with government staff and other key components to conduct program advocacy, recommendations of operational GEOINT architectures, and Full Spectrum GEOINT (FSG) guidance to analysts, operators, and managers on processes, techniques and procedures 

·        Support the development of program strategies, issues papers, briefings, and senior-level correspondence for government leadership necessary to sustain and expand FSG analysis and production capabilities to meet current and future operations 

·        Provide technical assistance to government in establishing relationships with National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG) functional managers to promote service-specific GEOINT requirements and resolve shortfall impacts to GEOINT operations 

·        Attend NSG technical and analytical meetings to promote the use of GEOINT in support of expeditionary operations and foster partnerships with NSG members and partners. 

·        Assist with documentation of the current technology infrastructure necessary to execute FSG tasking, processing, exploitation, and dissemination

·        Provide subject matter expertise and recommendations on the necessary software/hardware solutions that enable support to FSG analysis and production operations 

·        Assess the implications of integrating new GEOINT sources for various providers to include, but not limited to: NTM, foreign, commercial, and airborne programs into the government enterprise 

·        Provide mentoring and associated informal reference information to improve competency of military and civilian analysts in applying advanced remote sensing techniques, and conduct quick reaction training packages for forces preparing for deployed operations 

·        Support the development of collection strategies for standing, ad hoc, and emerging FSG capabilities; the investigation of and reporting on collection parameters and any associated constraints associated with littoral mission requirements; and the development of collections staff on existing collection strategies and collection strategy development and implementation. 

·        Develop a production posture for FSG analysis and production to portray allocation of analytical resources against requirements given a specified period of performance as well as forecast surge support to contingency operations 

·        Support the development and dissemination of FSG products to satisfy customer requirements including the fusion of FSG products with data, information, and products from other Intelligence disciplines (e.g., HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT, MASINT). To maximize effective support for these activities, the candidate will be familiar with and knowledgeable of a variety of geospatial exploitation software suites and be able to use data and products from a variety of sensors and collection platforms 

·        Support production management; assist in the correlation of RFI requirements, collection requirements, and exploitation work lists into production logs with the GEOINT Enterprise TPED System 

·        Develop and standardize innovative and adaptive FSG products and services tailored for rapid employment at all echelons based operational feedback from forces returning from forward deployments 

·        Develop a systemic study of FSG products and services to identify how best to apply them in support of Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Distributed Operations 

·        Provide research and guidance on sensor application to specific geospatial problem sets, sensor-specific processing techniques, and related training / education 

·        Assist the government staff in analyzing and conducting statistical analyses on image datasets. Assist in identifying and using alternate data sources in order to satisfy specific mission needs 

·        Provide guidance in identifying and evaluating emerging technologies in support of the geospatial mission to specifically include emerging FSG capabilities 

Required Skill

Active TS/SCI Required.

Required – 10+ years’ experience with SAR 

Required - Ability to support the development of collection strategies for standing, ad hoc and emerging capabilities for littoral analysis 

Required - Expertise in image science to include systems architecture and software interoperability 

Desired - NGA certified instructor 



Senior FMV Analyst

Job Description


B-3 Consulting is looking for driven candidates to join our FMV program and enter the private intelligence sector. As an Analyst, you will work with a team to actively support both the Intelligence Community as well as the Department of Defense. Specifically, analysts will exploit FMV collected by ISR platforms and apply additional intelligence to create and submit products. Products are viewed at the highest level of the intelligence community and will have a direct impact on US operations abroad. All analysts will undergo specialized FMV training and are expected to work a rotating shift schedule, 24x7, in a dynamic watch floor environment.

Required Skill

Bachelor's Degree and 5 years work experience or equivalent experience 


Required Skills and Education:

High School education and have completed basic military or government Intelligence course

At least 10 years of overall intelligence experience

Experience with MS Office

Excellent analytical writing and communication/briefing skills

Ability to type a minimum of 30 WPM



Preferred Skills and Education:

JQS Certified

Military experience

Socet GXP


Falcon View


Understanding of National level imagery product standards


5 or more years FMV exploitation

Senior Intelligence Analyst

Job Description

B-3 Consulting is hiring Senior Intelligence Analysts

The Contractor shall provide intelligence analysis services in order to provide situational awareness and knowledge management. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) shall support the development of new processes, procedures, and technologies. These services include, but are not limited to:  

·        Facilitate the implementation of cross-functional multi-intelligence discipline analysis teams 

·        SMEs shall provide situational awareness, intelligence production and analysis

·        Conduct research, create intelligence products, create intelligence estimates assessments, and conduct intelligence briefings on request 

·        Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate and integrate complex data from multiple sources to assess the relevance and significance of developments in his/her assigned subject matter and geographic area(s) 

·        Attend and participate in conferences and other events as directed 

·        Maintain contact with counterparts in other intelligence organization to keep abreast of current developments, to resolve problems to eliminate duplication, and to provide free flow of information on matters of intelligence interest 

·        Identify intelligence gaps and recommend collection requirements to fill gaps 

·        Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate and research utilizing Open Source tools, techniques, methodology and software 

Required Skill

Active TS/SCI Required.

·        Required – 3+ years expertise in the subject matter, and country/region identified, 

·        Required – 10+ years expertise in intelligence analysis,

·        Required – Bachelor’s degree in a related field 


·        Desired – Master’s degree or higher in related field/subject area 

Source Strategy Analyst/Collection Manager

B-3 Consulting is looking for a Source Strategy Analyst/Collection Manager to join our team.

Source Strategy Analyst/Collection Manager coordinate with clients and source providers to develop comprehensive multi–intelligence and multi-source strategies, integrating multi–discipline intelligence collection capabilities to address intelligence community needs. Create tasking and dissemination requirements. Adjudicate requirements, analyze and investigate collection performance, and assess and report on end-to-end GEOINT system performance data. Ensure the proper dissemination of imagery products and advise clients on imagery collection issues.

Basic Qualifications:

-4+ years of experience with GIMS or RMS functionalities

-Knowledge of advanced search and dissemination with rules and strategies, NGDS discovery services, GIN creation, GIN modification and approval, tasking dashboard, geospatial dashboard, supplier management, OOI target creation, OOI query, OOI modification, OOI management, AGI search, virtual file folders, or UIM approved product holdings search

-TS/SCI clearance

-HS diploma or GED

Additional Qualifications:

-BA or BS degree preferred


Applicants selected will be subject to a security investigation and may need to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information; TS/SCI clearance is required.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • GIMS: 4 years

Required license or certification:


  • TS/SCI